REMEMBER: YOU’RE A TOURIST, NOT A COMMUTER. A good road trip is not about getting from point A to B, says Darryl Sleath, editor of the new book The Road Trip Book: 1001 Drives of a Lifetime. “It’s something you can savour and enjoy in chunks.” That means planning multiple stops and Instagram photo ops at landmarks along the way.


PLAN IN ADVANCE. Sure, it seems romantic to hop in your car and hit the road, but “it’s not much of a holiday if you spend each night looking for a hotel and praying for a room,” says Marc Télio, owner of boutique-travel company Entrée Destinations. Better yet, get someone to plan for you. Whistler’s Canadian Wilderness Adventures offers a three-hour off-road guided tour…all from behind the wheel of a Porsche Cayenne. Ready for something longer? Entrée Destinations’ Peaks to Pacific trip will take you everywhere from the Rocky Mountains to the coast of Vancouver Island over the course of 15 days.


PLANNING INCLUDES YOUR PLAYLIST. Your soundtrack will definitely set the tone for your trip, says Sleath. Our democratic recommendation? Give each passenger 30 minutes to play their mix and alternate along the way.


FOR THE LOVE OF THELMA & LOUISE, RENT A CONVERTIBLE. “To really get into the spirit of a road trip, you’ve got to get the roof down,” says Sleath. It doesn’t even have to be a fast convertible, he adds—just something that allows you to enjoy the drive (as long as the weather co-operates, of course).


EAT WELL. It is tempting to raid the Bulk Barn before a road trip, but foods high in carbs tend to make us sleepy. Instead, suggests Abby Langer, a Toronto-based registered dietitian, fill up with fibre- and protein-rich satiating treats like almonds, coconut chips and medjool dates stuffed with almond butter.