Put aside your initial thoughts about Bermuda. Yes, they have countless shades of Bermuda shorts, from the palest salmon pink to checkered and neon. And despite what you might think, this stand-alone island in the Atlantic is not part of the Caribbean (residents will be the first to tell you that just because they’re a sunny destination, they’re not part of the Caribbean). Instead, think of this:
Hollywood royalty, from Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas to the upper aristocracy, regularly dip their toes in the sand and the turquoise waters. Why? Because Bermuda is like an untouched Caribbean island that’s home to indulgent spas, opulent hotels and lush hideaways. Ready to pack your bags yet?

1. Who goes

The most well-known celebs to set up house in Bermuda have to be Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, who live part of the year in their sprawling mansion. Tons of visitors snap pictures of the house along the shoreline, but if you don’t want to having prying eyes, chances are you’ll see the family dining at some of the local joints. Other big names to vacation on the sandy pink beaches include Beyoncé and her family. Throw in some elite British socialites and wealthy New Yorkers (it’s less than a two-hour flight from New York City), and you have a posh set ready to drop some major cash.

2. It’s this close

Only a two-and-a-half-hour flight from Toronto and you’ll be on Bermuda soil. That’s enough time for a power nap on the plane, or to read a few chapters of the
Hunger Games. And if you’re weighing the options of a warm destination between hitting up South Beach and Bermuda in the same flight time, think of it this way: Miami is your nightlife scene, Bermuda is your girls weekend chill out beachside without having to jet all the way down the Caribbean. If a tropical island retreat is on your “I-need-to-get-away-asap” list, book a flight to Bermuda and save your all-nighters for Miami.

3. It’s not just for older people and cruise ships

Sure, you’ll look out into Hamilton Bay and see some of the biggest cruise ships in the world that are decidedly full of the 50 range, but thrown in there are some chic women toting Hermes bags and Balenciaga
blazers. And in our eyes, if you’re really looking for a chilled-out getaway where things seemingly move slower than normal, leave the rowdy crowds behind. You’ll also find all of your regular high-end designer shops on the island for a little retail therapy in between poolside lounging, Bermuda’s classic Rum Swizzle cocktail and walks on the beach.

Looking for an ultra-relaxing Caribbean vacation? Get the ultimate in privacy in Anguilla.

It’s not just for cruise ships … find out why and where you need to spa on the next page …

4. Where to spa: Elbow Beach
What to get:
A soothing massage

You can find just about any kind of spa treatment at one of the island’s countless spas. But why not book yourself a whole day at a hotel that prides itself on creating an idyllic spa experience? Elbow Beach by the Mandarin Group takes luxury to a new level with private suites to change, shower and get treated in (no more awkwardly trying to get your bra off discreetly in front of other guests). Then pamper your stress away with a signature Mandarin massage with a custom essential oil mix. Any worries, stress or tension from your real life (not your pretend A-list life in Bermuda) will melt away.
PS: Another great treatment?
The Rum Swizzle Ritual which you can read all about here.


5. Where to stay
The Reefs
Perfect for:
Romantic getaway

Hello, beauty. It’s big, it’s swanky, it has incredible food and you can’t beat the views. Perched on the coastline is one of Travel Leisure’s top picks on the island. It may have rooms, suites, condos and even cottages to choose from, but each one is intimate, cozy and luxe, so you never feel like you’re on a resort. More like a secluded slice of heaven. A private beach and some of the best dining on the island adds to the opulence, so it’s no wonder the rich and famous come back year after year, after year.


Newstead Belmont Hills
Perfect for:
The girls weekend

This chic hotel is not nestled on a sandy beach, but we don’t think you’ll miss it. With a giant pool that overlooks the lights of the city across the bay, the thought of getting sand between your toes, in your beach bag and everywhere else will be a distant thought. The luxe and super spacious suites are ideal for a girls-only getaway – and with just a short ferry ride you’ll be across the bay to hit up restaurants, bars and high-end shopping.


Rosewood Tucker’s Point
Perfect for:
Ultimate seclusion (privacy, please!)

The latest claim to fame for Bermuda? A spot on the last season of The Bachelorette, where they filmed at this posh vacation resort. Set on some of the prettiest pink-hued beaches on the island, it was an ideal setting for the show. By the way, that pinkish colour comes courtesy of the red skeleton of a tiny sea creature that makes its home along the reef surrounding the island; those discarded shells eventually make their way to the shores, creating a soft pink colour. And to make sure to take advantage of the spa where you can indulge in anything and everything Bermudian (a half day of a cedar massage, Swizzle manicure, a signature facial and a poolside lunch).


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