7 things you have to experience in St. Lucia

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We travelled to the gorgeous Caribbean island of St. Lucia to shoot our summer fashion editorials. Take a look at some of the must-see sights on the island.

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    The Pitons

    These volcanic mountains are St. Lucia’s most renowned landmark. They are a World Heritage site, and a can’t-miss stop for your trip.
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    The white sand beaches

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    St. Lucia is a Caribbean island after all, so there is no shortage of pristine white sand beaches, like Anse Chastanet beach pictured here.
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    The waterfalls

    Diamond Falls is a stunning, tucked-away haven that will get you to peak levels of relaxation.
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    The Canopy Tours

    Explore the island’s lush rainforest and take in stunning views with a canopy tour.
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    The Volcano

    If you’re a thrill-seeker, you’ll be excited to know that St. Lucia is home to the world’s only drive-in active volcano, La Sufriere.
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    The Coral Reefs

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    Don’t forget to dive underwater to experience the beautiful sights below. St. Lucia has an abundant marine ecosystem that will take your breath away.
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    The Ziplining

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    Soar through the island’s tropical rainforests if you’re in search of an adventure.

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