Coco Rocha’s schedule for the past three weeks went a little something like this: Paris, New York, Florida, New York, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, then off to Paris again. “It ebbs and flows, but this is a crazy time,” says the supermodel and Canadian icon. “Next month could be calmer, but you never know. Everything is very last minute.”

Sounds glamorous, yes? Not always. Take Rocha’s most recent flight from New York to Toronto. Weather delays left her and her family—husband James Conran and their two children, Ioni, who is almost four, and Iver, who turns one in April—stuck in an airport for seven hours.

Occasions like this make the Toronto-born Rocha especially grateful for her American Express Canada Platinum Card, which offers sanity-saving travel benefits, from security-line bypass to lounge access. “There are 1,200 different lounges around the world that I can go to and have that glass of wine I probably need from that busy day of travel,” says Rocha, who became a Cardmember when she first started modelling and is now an American Express partner. “Just making the airport more enjoyable is so helpful.”

Now she has even more incentive to use her Amex: The enhanced Platinum Card offers two points for every $1 spent on eligible travel and three points for every $1 spent on eligible dining in Canada. That’s in addition to advanced access to experiences, like Dinner With A View, an exclusive outdoor dining event, open to the public in Toronto and Montreal this spring.

Before Rocha jetted off (again), she shared her pro tips on how to make getting to your next destination feel less stressful and more luxurious.

PLAN YOUR LOOKS. “I strategize looks day by day and try to mix and match bags and shoes. Then I take photos of every look. Even the kids’ outfits. I know it sounds silly, but the images help. Also, it’s a time saver: I know this is the outfit for today, now let’s get going!” 

TRY A PACKING CHECKLIST. “When I was younger, my mom made me a laminated checklist because I used to travel for dance. Today, James and I do it mentally—we go back and forth, like, ‘Do you have this? Do you have that?’” 

NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT A FULL BATTERY. “Make sure everything is charged up—your phones, iPads for the kids.  Also, adaptors are key. Do your homework; make sure it’s the right plug for the country you’re going to.”

ATTEMPT TO SCORE AN UPGRADE. “My mom is a flight attendant and has been flying for 45 years. When I used to travel with her, she always made me dress up because if I did it might mean they’d bump me up to business class because I looked the part. Now, I just find a cute, comfy outfit. A jacket with lots of pockets is always helpful. And I’m loving bum bags. They are definitely a fashion statement, but they also hold everything. When you are going on a plane as a mom, you find ways to carry less. Your kid doesn’t need a backpack because, honestly, you’re going to be holding that backpack the entire time. [Laughs] And making sure my Amex is with me, so I’m able to take full advantage of those lounges while we wait!”

FACE CREAM IS KEY. “I used to wear a full face of makeup. I believed if you’re going on a plane, you look cute. I realized that I need to take care of my skin, so I always bring some sort of makeup remover and a bit of a face cream.”

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