Cruising isn’t an idea that’s always appealed to me. I’ve always thought I’d get antsy – wanting to get off the ship simply because I couldn’t. I was concerned that I’d feel claustrophobic, despite knowing that cruise ships are like small cities that float. I worried that I’d get seasick and worse, that I’d feel, well, trapped to be quite honest. Fortunately, all those fears sailed away after taking a spin on one of the newest ships to hit the high seas: Celebrity Solstice.

Celebrity Solstice is a luxury liner that can hold up to 2,850 passengers and 1,255 crewmembers. Featuring a variety of staterooms and suites that totally outdo the cramped quarters you’ve probably seen on most other ships, this vessel brings new meaning to the word luxurious. Staterooms feature a state-of-the art digital entertainment system, lots of storage space to unpack, large bathrooms and are, on average, 15% larger than the staterooms on other Celebrity ships. On board you’ll find 18 retail shops and 10 dining venues. Suffice it to say, you’ll forget you’re on a ship!

So, if you’re contemplating a getaway, here are five reasons to take a cruise:

1 It’s an opportunity to get up close and personal with the ocean

Staying in an oceanfront hotel room doesn’t even compare to waking up at sea every morning. Ninety per cent of Celebrity Solstice’s staterooms offer up an ocean view and there’s truly nothing like it. Nothing can beat opening your eyes in the morning and seeing that the vast ocean surrounds you. The sound of the ocean is the perfect lullaby at night and a welcome sight in the morning. Tip: If you’re prone to seasickness and want to avoid over-the-counter drugs, try a green apple for a natural alternative. Green apples are believed to ease nausea.

2 Can you say, ‘all you can eat’?

Meal planning can be a stress whether you’re planning for one or for the whole family. Taking a cruise means never having to answer the question, “What for dinner?” Aboard the Celebrity Solstice ship, there are 10 dining venues, offering up lots of choices depending on your palate’s preference. The Oceanview Café & Bar is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. It’s casual and has an endless buffet of pastas and pizzas, salads, hot meals and decadent desserts. For more formal options, try the dramatic Grand Epernay dining room or the Silk Harvest restaurant, which offers Asian fusion cuisine.

3 There are countless activities to enjoy throughout the day

You’ll never find yourself bored aboard a cruise ship. There are plenty of ways to while away a day at sea. When you’re not indulging in the gourmet fare, there are 18 shops on the Celebrity Solstice, providing some retail therapy if needed. The ship also boasts a Lawn Club on the uppermost deck. You can enjoy lawn bowling or putting on the three-hole course under the hot sun. The Hot Glass Show, presented by master glassblowers from the Corning Museum of Glass, is an interesting and educational experience for people of all ages.

4 Rest and relaxation
When you’re on a cruise, it’s impossible not to adopt a “When in Rome …” attitude. There’s just no other choice. You’re at sea and there’s no escape … you have to allow yourself the opportunity for rest and relaxation. For silence and solitude, you can enjoy a quiet afternoon on your own private verandah (90% of the staterooms on Celebrity Solstice have them). Otherwise, relax poolside on the top deck, where the vibe is energetic but laidback. Or, zen out completely at the AquaSpa where you can indulge in luxurious spa treatments, relax by the indoor lap pool (or swim, of course!) and delight in the tranquility of the Persian Garden steam room.

5 It’s a great way to meet new people
On a ship the size of Celebrity Solstice, it would be impossible not to make friends while you’re on board. Whether poolside or at a show (yes, there are two entertainment venues with live shows!), whether dining in one of the many restaurants or strolling the decks, you’re bound to make a friend or two. The ship is full of a contagious energy and you’re bound to catch the fever!

Happy sailing!

Natalie Bahadur is the editor of and a regular contributor to