Top 10 Kate Middleton “quotes” of 2013

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Not just a pretty face, Kate Middleton has a lot to say about, well, everything. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Apart from
having impeccable style and a
$1,000 haircut (to achieve the perfect blowout every time, one assumes), Kate Middleton has a lot to say about pop culture and current events – probably. But since we don’t get to hear much of Kate’s POV on politics or Miley Cyrus’ perpetual state of twerking, we figured that we know the Duchess well enough to imagine what she would say instead about the top events of 2013 (and sorry Miley, it’s not looking good).
1. "J-Law, hey! We should totally have high tea together. Come by Buckingham Palace and say hi to the Queen, too. Don’t worry, there’ll be scones. Call me, maybe?" Because even the Duchess wants to be
Jennifer Lawrence’s BFF.
2. "Harry, I’m really digging the new beard." But seriously. Who isn’t?
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3. "I, too, preferred the James Franco-Seth Rogen-version of ‘Bound 2’." Because even a faux
Rogen-Franco lovefest is always preferable to Kim and Kanye’s real thing.
4. "What if – and just hear me out on this one – Rob Ford put on a Tom Ford suit?" The always-diplomatic Kate muses on the merging of Fords into one big, fashionable powerhouse, and making the world a better place.
5. "Um, I let Prince George fall asleep to reruns of Hannah Montana sometimes…" On whether she listens to Miley Cyrus at home.
6. "Someday I want to be like Queen Bey." On Kate’s royal aspirations.
7. "Hey, wanna go browse the sales racks at Topshop?" Kate says to little sister Pippa on a Saturday afternoon.
8. "Cara Delevingne isn’t the only Brit with fabulous eyebrows, okay?!" Note to media, everywhere: How to refocus your Kate Middleton coverage in 2014.
9. "George, I’m sorry, but you have to wear this Dolce & Gabbana crown if you want to look the part." Kate schools the future king on how to get more Instagram likes than
Blue Ivy and North West combined.
10. "I’m really just a sweats-and-T-shirt-kinda gal." HA!
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