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Jennifer Lawrence says is a GIF waiting to happen. And for good reason: her candid, off-the-cuff quips are meant to be shared and enjoyed endlessly. So we rounded up 10 of our favourite Jennifer Lawrence-isms from this past year.
On funny stories: "This is actually really funny. Somebody as a joke bought me a bunch of butt plugs. It’s a long story," Lawrence said on Conan O’Brien. "I had a copious amount of butt plugs. Tons of butt plugs. All different kinds of colours and the maid was coming so I was like, ‘well I’ll just shove this under the bed so she doesn’t see all these butt plugs.’ She might not know they are for a joke. Then I came back and all of them were brought out of the bed and were in this beautiful display on my bedside table. I think she knew what she was doing. They were under the bed. I wanted to leave a note like, ‘not mine’ or ‘bought as joke.’"
On how to measure success: “Happiness. I think you can still pity people who have money and cars and houses – you can still see that they’re not happy and not satisfied. We think that those things will make us happy, but that’s the end goal,” Lawrence told our features editor Kathryn Hudson in
our December 2013 cover story.
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