That time Kate Middleton wore a hoodie

Dec 17 2014 by
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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Visits 23rd Poplar Beaver Scout ColonyHOODIE. (Getty)

No, you’re not hallucinating: That is a real photograph of the
Duchess of Cambridge doing something we frankly thought we’d never see: She’s wearing leisurewear. The kind that involves a drawstring and a zipper, no less.
Now that you’ve had a moment to recover, here are the details behind the MOST SHOCKING ROYAL PICTURE OF THE YEAR.
Kate came to be wearing a fleecy garment not exactly by personal preference, but out of the goodness of that shiny princess heart of hers. It’s actually a hoodie from the Scouts, who the Duchess visited last night. She played some games, wore a scout scarf, and even tried to pick up gummies with chopsticks while blind-folded. Since she’s still Kate, the Duchess paired The Hoodie with her favourite J-Brand jeans and trusty Stuart Weitzman boots. I think we’re still a long way from seeing her out in
sweatpants…even if they are the new sexy.
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