1. "Ben Affleck on coaching actors to act Canadian: ‘I just told them to be twice as nice as you actually are.’” –
@TorontoStandard 2. "Crossing my fingers that my dresses get to Toronto when I do! Because the alternative would really suck…" –
@ninadobrev, Nina Dobrev, actress 3. "I love Bill Murray: Bill Murray parties at Bovine Sex Club, seen following attractive woman out the door."-
@Pfro, Paula Froelich, journalis 4. "Dear traffic in Toronto, Seriously?" –
@NathanFillion, actor 5. "Brian De Palma texts in #TIFF screenings. Friends, the battle is truly lost." –
@SamuelAAdams, Sam Adams, film/music writer 6. "Sauna time! Joshua Jackson spotted – in Trump slippers, no less – on his way into the Quartz Crystal Spa in the Toronto Trump. #TIFF12." –
@shinangovani, Shinan Govani,
National Post columnist 7. "Malick’s wife introducing TO THE WONDER. ‘We thought about becoming Canadian citizens after 9/11.’" –
@erickohn, Eric Kohn, film critic, Indiewire.com 8. "Hey, Toronto; Nice job on the renovated Bloor. I wish L.A. had a theater this cool and pedestrian-friendly. #tiff12 #ohcanada" –
@jamesrocchi, James Rocchi, film writer 9. "THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE AMAZING STANDING OVATION!!!!! #ARTIFACT #TIFF12" –
@jaredleto, Jared Leto, actor/musician 10. "And to the Malick-bashers I say: [runs through field, the camera following; twirls]" –
@SamuelAAdams, Sam Adams, film/music writer