Our pick for Canada’s sweetheart on everything from TIFF style to rappers to Daydream Nation, her fantastic new film.

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The actress:
Katie Boland
Age and hometown: 22, Toronto
CV highlights:
The Zack Files, Terminal City, Adoration, and now
Daydream Nation, also starring Kat Dennings, Josh Lucas, Andie McDowell, Rachel Blanchard, Reece Thompson and Calum Worthy.
What was the most challenging part of your role in Daydream Nation
? “The most difficult part was the comedy. I don’t often do comedy, although I want to and I hope this marks a new phase in my career, so thinking about how to make it funny used a totally different part of my brain. Also, the audition was difficult because I had to put myself on tape in Europe with my Mom reading the off-camera lines over Skype!”
Do you have a favourite scene in the movie, or one that when you saw the final film, you were particularly proud of your performance? “I just saw the film a few nights ago at its TIFF premiere, and I am incredibly proud to be a part of this movie. I rarely say this, but this is a really good movie, and I’m very proud, specifically of Mike Goldbach who wrote and directed it. My favourite scene that I’m in, is one in the high school bathroom with Kat Dennings, where I confront her and she schools me. She is hilarious in the scene and my hair is ridiculous.”
What was it like working with Kat Dennings? “Amazing. I love her. She is so talented, smart,  wonderful and funny…I can’t say enough good things. I want to be her best friend.”
How did the cast bond and get to know each other? “Funnily, I already knew Reece Thompson and Calum Worthy from growing up in the Canadian film industry but it was fun to hang out with them again as adults. They are FANTASTIC and hugely intelligent guys. It was a great set because I often had a lot of time off during days, so Kat, Reece, Calum, Landon, Jesse and I would hang out and just talk. It felt like high school all over again!”
You’ve done the TIFF premiere circuit before. What’s that experience like for you? “I do enjoy it. I think it’s pretty great to get to go to parties and see your friends while celebrating film. I plan a few days in advance what I’m wearing. I’ve been really blessed because Canadian designers have been so wonderful and lent me a lot of beautiful stuff. I am also working with a phenomenal stylist, Linda Gaylord, who helps me pull everything together. I couldn’t do it without her.”
What’s your favourite part of the TIFF experience? Least favourite part? “My favourite part is seeing all my old friends that I don’t see enough during the year. My least favourite is trying to fit everything in, especially seeing screenings. I feel like it’s impossible to do everything that I want to!”
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