Welcome to ELLECanada.com’s official TIFF journal! This festival, Laura deCarufel and Jennifer Lee, the co-editors of
Hardly Magazine
have the high honour of reporting live from TIFF’S coolest events. Stay tuned for party coverage and behind-the-scenes scoop!
By Jennifer Lee The beginning of week two of the festival is coloured by a groggy fuzz.  Our feet are sore from unkind but pretty party shoes, and our thoughts covet sleep when a seat at press screenings should be top of the wish list. But most concerning of all is the creeping grasp of the flu that is becoming harder and harder to shake in my sleep deprived state. No matter. Top of the agenda today is an interview with actor
Michael Sheen of
Beautiful Boy, co-starring 
Maria Bello. And unless I can find an Etch A Sketch in the gift store of the Intercontinental before the interview, I’m going to need to a healthy set of vocal chords.