Five reasons why the Vanity Fair, Belvedere, Fox Searchlight party was TIFF’s top fete.

This festival, Laura deCarufel and Jennifer Lee, the co-editors of
Hardly magazine
, had the high honour of reporting from TIFF’s coolest films, parties, and events. Stay tuned for our wrap-up coverage this week, including our favourite moments from the festival, and a TIFF vs. Cannes showdown! When is a party is more than just a party? How about, for starters, when the words "
Vanity Fai
r" are on the invite? Officially known as the "
Vanity Fair, Belvedere, Fox Searchlight Party", the extravaganza that took over the lobby of the Thompson Toronto during TIFF was unofficially referred to as "the
Vanity Fair party" with the same envy and excitement that the magazine itself elicits. Jenn and I went. (I
know. Lucky.) In the days since, we’ve tried to pinpoint exactly what, in a festival of great parties, made it so special. It was difficult to deconstruct the magic, but we came up with a list of five reasons why we loved it best.