Day 4: I Heart Swarovski

I’m running out of things to wear and need to reinvent some outfits that have already had their debut at the festival. The dilemma is how to do this without a pack of talking mice and a fairy godmother on hand to transform the old into the stunningly new. Luckily, I knew of the next best thing to a magic wand: the pop-up
Swarovski showroom. Located in the Four Seasons Hotel (a favourite campout amongst
festival stargazers), the space is decorated in the line’s crown jewels including impressive fashion pieces. It appears on the third floor of the hotel like a mirage, a fantasy of jewels, tempting and almost unreal in their come-hither-sparkle. After a style consultation, I am relieved of my festival wardrobe worries and leave with a skip in my step and a tiny sparkly handbag in my hand.
Find of the Day: The discovery of Swarovski’s fall
Wings of Fantasy line, love the whispers of purple.