Day 8: I heart Canadian Talent

Music is to cinema what peanut butter is to chocolate — a necessity. It’s no wonder, that only in its second year running, the
Festival Music House (FMH) should become the “it” spot for all those looking for an alternative to red carpets and flutes of champagne. Featuring an impressive musical lineup of Canada’s best over the course of three days, including band of the moment The Sheepdogs (check out their
Rolling Stones cover) and homegrown favourite, Sam Roberts Band, FMH makes you feel proud to be a local at TIFF. With 2 days left to go and FMH packed away till next year, this festival goer — still fatigued from TIFF’s hectic first weekend — plans to play the takeaway FMH CD on repeat to keep her eyes open while walking to and from the last of the festival’s screenings.
Highlight of the festival: Staring out into a crowd of dancing people singing along to Sam Roberts