There’s NO Destiny Child’s reunion tour, but it’s okay to be sad about that

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If wishing really, really, really hard made things real,
Destiny’s Child would be about to embark on a reunion tour. In fact, if the power of our collective desire that the greatest girl group of the early 00’s returned to the stage actually manifested anything, we’d be filling in the fourth part of the harmony on "Emotions" as we type this. But alas…life doesn’t work this way, and Destiny’s Child is not in fact coming to a stadium near you.
As so often happens, this was a cruel joke originating with the Daily Mail, who earlier today claimed the trio were not only planning a ten year anniversary lap, they were also working on an album (!!!!!!!!), just not under the name of Destiny’s Child because of some convoluted legal thing involving Beyonce’s dad. Tragically for everyone involved, a rep for the ladies just
told the rumour-busters at Gossip Cop: "Not true. No album. No tour.” Sorry. Keep wishing for that pony though.
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