From the company that brought the world “Real Barbie” (as in a doll that was built along the proportions of the average woman), we now have a ‘Real Ken’ for her to pal around with.

Lammily are currently crowd funding for their ‘Lammily Boy Doll’, which is designed based on the proportions of the average 19 year old male, and not, say, Zac Efron. For the company’s founder, Nickolay Lamm, it’s an important step in acknowledging that men have body image issues and pressures too, and that just like the vast majority of women don’t (and shouldn’t feel like they need to) look like Barbie, most men don’t look like Ken either. 

If you get in on the crowd fund now, an early release version of Boy Lammily can be yours for $17 USD. 


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