Theatre review: Hart House Theatre’s The Wedding Singer

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wedding-singer-reviewIsaac Bell and Ashley Gibson as Robbie and Julia. Photo by Scott Gorman.

It’s funny how everything that we love about the ’80s—big hair, chiffon, a young Adam Sandler—also produces a universal eye-rolling effect when you consider their impact today. But they also carry the sentimental nostalgia of that era, and somehow we can’t get enough of it. And the
Hart House musical production of The Wedding Singer—based on the 1998 movie, starring Sandler at his comedic prime—is a magical vortex where the ’80s exploded and everyone speaks like Pauly D (before we knew who that is).
Set in the New Jersey Shore—a distinct blue collar enclave against the backdrop of NYC at the pinnacle of Wall Street excess— director Luke Brown’s production follows the recently dumped wedding singer Robbie Hart (Isaac Bell) who falls for Julia (Ashley Gibson), a waitress who’s recently engaged to one of those Wall Street wolves (Howard Davis). So how do you win over the girl of your dreams while living on prayer and in your grandmother’s basement? Music, of course. And the
Flashdance-style numbers are so wonderfully raucous and heartwarming that you, too, will fall in love with Robbie and the rest of show’s colourful celebration of ’80s kitsch (there’s even a fake Tina Turner who nearly steals the show). Need further proof? Here’s
Sandler performing “I Wanna Grow Old With You” in the film, and reminding us all of why we first fell in love with him in the first place.
The Wedding Singer is on now at the Hart House Theatre until January 25.
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