The best baristas in Canada

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They are passionate about coffee and know how to prepare a five-star espresso. Here are the best baristas in Canada.

What is a barista?
Following the example of a sommelier, a barista is a specialist in espresso-based coffees. He must recognize the complex flavours of different coffees, find the perfect combination of grind and temperature, and have the right technique to extract and exhale all the flavours.

The Canadian Barista Championship
Presented each year at the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show, the Canadian Barista Championship ( brings together the best baristas in the country. The challenge? Prepare 12 espresso-based drinks – four espressos, four cappuccinos and four creations – all in 15 minutes. The criteria by which they are evaluated include technique, workstation cleanliness, taste and presentation. The winner then goes on to the World Barista Championship. (

The best baristas in Canada
They have participated in various championships and have finished at the top. From east to west, here’s where to find them.

Cliff Hansen – Bridgehead

Momiji Kishi – Dark Horse Espresso Bar

Sameer Mohamed – Sense Appeal Café

Aerin Fogel – Mercury Espresso

Anthony Benda and Alex Scott – Café Myriade

Luke Spicer – Cafe Neve

Benjamin Put, Jeremy Ho and Christopher Tellez – Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Joel May – Fratello Coffee

Josh Hockin – Transcend Coffee

Rob Kettner – Fernwood Coffee

Logan Gray – Discovery Coffee

Ian Sudbek-Reid – Habit Coffee

Philip Hong and Cheryl Wright – Caffè Artigiano

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