AGO_Massive10_ellecanadaimage courtesy Jenna Marie Wakani

What makes you feel like a perfect 10? This question was asked by the creative team behind this year’s AGO Massive10 Party. The annual fundraiser has become one of the most extravagant events of the city’s art scene, and a showcase for our country’s most exciting up-and-coming talent. This year’s celebration—themed around the 10th year anniversary—explored the notions of perfection, numerology and religion in digital age.

Installation and performance based projects created by artists like Jorden Blue Doody & David James Doody, Sean Martindale, Hazel Meyer and Talwst encouraged guests to become active participants rather passive viewers.  Guests spent the evening interacting with the art pieces by tweeting at the Absolute Vodka installation by MAKELAB (it changed the colour of the lighting!) and grabbing paddles for the massive ping pong tournament. Sipping drinks and dancing while a roster of cool DJs like DJ Filthy Gorgeous (who I seriously HEART), Joseph of Mercury and DJ Soundbwoy was the a perfect way to spend the night at the museum.


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