1. What is Britney Spears’ middle name?
a) Jean
b) Katherine
c) Anne
d) Jamie

2. On what children’s show did Britney get her first big break?
a) MMC (Mickey Mouse Club)
b) Mr. Dress-up
c) You can’t do that on television
d) Are you afraid of the dark?

3. Which co-star from this first TV gig did Britney end up dating later on in life?
a) Jared Leto
b) Colin Farrell
c) Ryan Gosling
d) Justin Timberlake

4. Fast forwarding, which of these albums first put Britney on the music map?
a) Baby One More Time
b) B in the Mix: The Remixes
c) Oops!…I Did it Again
d) Britney
9. Speaking of the MTV VMAs…who did Britney kiss two years later during a performance, which then caused a huge media frenzy?
a) Paris Hilton
b) Justin Timberlake
c) Christina Augeliera
d) Madonna

10. When the constant pressure of being a high profile celeb eventually got to Britney, which of these was the first of many crazy stunts to come?
a) Shaved her head
b) Attacked a paparazzo with an umbrella
c) Goes commando and is photographed getting out of a car exposed for all to see
d) Pulled off the highway and sporting only her underoos swam in the Pacific

11. After all the media speculation of her spiraling downfall, which song did Britney ‘try’ (being the key word) to make a comeback with at the 2007 MTV VMAs?
a) Gimme More
b) Piece of Me
c) Radar
d) Hot as Ice

12. Fashion critic Richard Selzer’s Worst Dressed list had Britney tied for first place with which celebrity?
a) Paris Hilton
b) Eva Longoria
c) Lindsay Lohan
d) Katy Perry
1. A
Britney Jean Spears was born on December 2, 1981 in Kentwood, Louisiana to proud parents Jamie and Lynne Spears. Her nicknames to date include Brit, Pinkey and the Princess of Pop.

2. A Britney first tried out for MMC (Mickey Mouse Club) at age 8, but didn’t make the cut because she was too young. Not one to give up, she re-auditioned in 1989 at age 11 and became the youngest mouseketeer in the history of the show. The show was cancelled two years later.

3. D Britney starred on the hit TV series MMC alongside today’s superstars Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera and her to-be boyfriend Justin Timberlake. Justin and Britney dated from 2000 to 2002. After a very public breakup, Justin was inspired to write the hit Cry Me A River, which insinuates Britney’s infidelity while they were together.

4. A Britney’s debut album Baby One More Time – released a few weeks after her 1999 tour with popular boy band N’ Sync – remained number one on the album charts for six consecutive weeks. Presently, the album has sold millions worldwide and is 14 times platinum in the US. This would be her first of many successful albums: Oops!…I Did it Again, Britney, In the Zone, Be in the Mix: The Remixes, Blackout and her most recent album release Circus.

5. D The video for Britney’s first single, Baby One More Time, had the 16 year old dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl in a short quilt and blouse tied above her belly button. It also featured Britney dressed in workout pants and a sports bra. Baring her midriff soon became her signature trademark around the world. When parents got upset that Britney was sending the wrong message by flaunting her sexuality her response was, “There are so many teenagers out there that dress more provocatively than I do, and no one says anything about them.”

6. D Britney was the first solo artist to have a #1 album and a single (both named Baby One More Time) on the Billboard charts at the same time with a debut. Britney is also the first woman to have four albums go straight to #1 on the American charts.

7. A After Britney’s breakup with Justin Timberlake, she decided she wanted to take half a year off. Not fading from the limelight, even though the pop star was taking a much-needed break from it all, Forbes still declared her the world’s most powerful celebrity in mid 2002.

8. A Britney performed her single I’m a Slave 4 U at the 2001 MTV VMAs with a live albino python resting on her shoulders and a caged tiger on stage. Consequently, animal rights organization PETA was upset and stated that the exotic animals Britney used were mistreated in the process.
You have been lapping up the pages and pages of Britney gossip that has been splashed all over celebrity rags for the past year. You know all there is to know about the Princess of Pop. When someone at the New Years Eve party tried to say, ‘Did you hear that Britney lost custody of her children?’ You were right there to correct them and let everybody know that actually she has regained custody of her two sons.

MOSTLY B’s: You only got two questions right. This means you are not completely off course when it comes to Britney Spears, but you’re not on par either. A great place to start is to type her name into any search engine and from there let the games begin! Do your homework and get to reading.

MOSTLY C’s: You did not get a single question right. You know as much about Britney as I know about changing the time on my DVD player. Let’s just say the clock has been flashing 12:00 since as far back as I can remember. You need to read up on our girl Britney. Head to your local newsstand and grab copies of all the magazines with Britney on the cover. Trust me, there will be lots to choose from.

MOSTLY D’s: You know a little bit about Britney Spears, but don’t claim to be a pop star genius. You are so close. Just a bit more effort and you will be aces when it comes to Britney trivia. I suggest you sit yourself down and watch Britney: For The Record. This will sum up everything that’s been going on with the superstar over the past year or so. Keep up the good work!