If you’re having trouble sleeping and have already tried every bedtime tea and white-noise machine on the market, allow Diddy to help. The mogul is one of several celebrities and sleep experts enlisted by Audible.ca for a new sleep and meditation-focused audio collection.

The audio collection includes meditations, bedtime stories, sound baths, soundscapes, ASMR sessions and more. You can listen to Nick Jonas read you a bedtime story about baseball, allow Diddy to guide you in meditation or hear Huffington Post founder and sleep enthusiast Arianna Huffington recite “Goodnight Smartphone.”

Huffington’s Thrive Global tech company is co-presenting the collection with Audible. While the content is free, they will be donating funds to Newark Working Kitchens to help feed vulnerable residents and frontline workers in Newark, New Jersey.

The content is accessible through the Audible.ca app – browse the collection here. Sweet dreams!


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