Each year, as the calendar resets, we’re faced with the near-impossible task of committing to life-altering resolutions. Dreaming up ways to better ourselves in the long term? Easy. Actually sticking to said self-improvements? Not so much. Now, with the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 42mm as your support, you can make those meaningful commitments last beyond January.

Loaded with hard-working features, this true-to-its-name smartwatch helps you keep your new habits in check from a.m. to p.m. and even overnight. It has more than 100 workout modes, like cycling, hiking, skiing and swimming, as well as a personal AI running coach, so your stats are covered whether you’re taking your sweat indoors or outside.

Another big benefit? Its all-day health-management support. Think of the WATCH GT 3 as a wellness assistant on your wrist. From super-accurate heart-rate monitoring to sleep surveying and even menstrual-cycle tracking, of-the-moment metrics help inform the next step in your health journey. A remarkable bonus is that it constantly measures your blood-oxygen-saturation levels, a vital sign worth monitoring while you’re grinding out the 9 to 5, working out or sleeping.

Beyond the checks and measures, this do-it-all smartwatch actually encourages your new-year commitments. While keeping tabs on your overall stress levels and well-being, it sets easy-to-achieve daily goals and reminders for getting up, drinking water, breathing mindfully and exercising. And since making good on resolutions takes dedication, your smartwatch needs to be reliable too. Impressively, the WATCH GT 3 has a seven-day battery life, supports wireless charging and even allows for Bluetooth calling.

The best part is, this unparalleled piece of technology seamlessly suits any style with its clean minimalist design. It features a 3-D curved face that perfectly catches the light, and it also has an elegant strap situation: Take your pick from a durable waterproof option, a sleek Milanese strap or a classic leather one. Just as your resolutions are distinctive to you, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 42mm fits your life with total ease.