Appetite for online video is ravenous. Apple’s latest app, an editing tool called Clips, makes creating and sharing videos so easy you will feel like you have the tech-savvy skills of someone born in 2012, cellphone in hand, scrolling through Snapchat Stories, joyfully unaware of the high-pitched twangs of dial-up. 

The app allows users to combine still photos, video clips and music into one shareable file, complete with filters and animations. “It’s incredibly easy to use,” says Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of apps product marketing in a press release. The most appealing feature, in our opinion, is the voice-to-caption functionality. “Live Titles” automatically translates spoken words in 36 different languages into text on the screen, and is synched up to the user’s voice. 

You still have a couple weeks to think of the next great viral video idea – the iPhone and iPad friendly app will be released in April. 

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