Rarely do these two concepts get mentioned in the same breath. When environmentally sound technology is at the forefront, indulgence usually takes a back seat. Leave it to Mercedes-EQ to connect the two in a meaningful, life-enriching way. It’s the driving force behind the brand new EQS SUV, the most sustainable electric vehicle in the Mercedes-EQ portfolio.

Read on as we detail all its notable features—ones designed to let you go the distance every day.


When we say the EQS SUV reaches new heights of luxury, we really mean it. Let’s dive into the specifics: spacious, made-for-real-life seating for up to seven; an MBUX Hyperscreen that unites multiple, AI-backed touchscreens over a 56-inch (!) span; and MB Navigation with Electric Intelligence, which helps you plan the most energy-efficient route. Speaking of, there’s the all-important range: The EQS SUV allows for up to 459 kilometres on a single charge. That means cross-province road trips and here-and-there city driving can be easy, stopfree endeavours.


Delivering thoughtful, cutting-edge technology is all part of the EQS SUV experience. It starts with total relaxation when you step inside: up to five climate zones throughout the vehicle and a harmony of seat comfort, ambient light, crisp sound and even delicate aroma. Plus, it’s outfitted with a three stage HEPA filter for the cleanest air possible. (You can even pre-purify the cabin while the car charges—how cool is that?)

On the road, the EQS SUV brings a new level of intelligent, responsive design. An agile, self-levelling suspension adapts to your surroundings, while its safety-first OFFROAD mode lets you traverse tricky terrain with ease.


Beyond developing electric vehicles for the greater good, Mercedes-EQ’s commitment to sustainability is ingrained in endless elements of its ethos. One eco-minded engagement revolves around the company’s use of recycled materials. The EQS SUV, which is produced in a carbon-neutral manner, makes use of recycled carpets and fishing nets for the vehicle’s floor coverings, while plastic PET bottles are used to fashion high-quality fabrics found within the interior. Innovative-meetssustainable materials, like cactus-based leather alternatives and bamboo fibres, are also a future-forward endeavour that the company is committed to continuing. It’s just another way that Mercedes-EQ is looking out for us and the planet.

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