Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video will be the Best. Thing. Ever.

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taylor-swift-bad-blood-lena-dunham-1989-gigi-hadid Taylor’s shaking things up again! Image courtesy of: Getty Images

Throughout the last few days, one thing has become clear: Taylor Swift was simply not okay with letting our hearts rest after her fan-frenzied "Shake It Off" video. (I mean can you really top supermodel heartthrob Sean O’Pry?) It seems so. What she has up her sleeve now may become one of the biggest girl-power infused, musically charged fashion collabs yet.

Directed once more by Joseph Khan (the mastermind behind the "Blank Space" extravaganza), Swift’s newest project is "Bad Blood;" a punchy, scream-into-your-hairbrush song speculated to be aimed at fellow pop megastar
Katy Perry. Ironically, Khan directed Perry’s “Waking up in Vegas” video. Coincidence? Maybe.
Taylor did what?! Read more here:
Taylor’s new pop beat will come to life in a video that features our favourite celebs-du-jour: Ellie Goulding,
Victoria’s Secret supermodel Lily Aldridge
, Lena Dunham and Kendrick Lamar. With
Gigi Hadid also in the mix, we’ve got our fingers crossed for a fashion face-off no music video has seen before. We’re picturing a slew of leather jumpsuits, a cape to rival Madonna’s and a few dramatic tweaks to
Tay’s signature red-lipped, cat-eyed fierceness. Her teasers on social media have been boasting drama, drama, drama – something that
screams style departure. To get the look at home, throw a tough leather jacket over your usual Swift-approved sundress, add some biker boots or edgy heels, and who knows – you and Gigi could basically become twins. All else aside, it’s pretty much clear from a fashion perspective: This will be a cat suit we haven’t seen from Taylor before. Best friends,
good music, fab fashion and a killer message; what more could TaylorNation want? Stay tuned for May 17th, when the video for "Bad Blood" will air during the Billboard Music Awards. We’ll totally be watching.
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