Summer can’t last forever, so take advantage of the long days and warm nights to spend some time with your main squeeze. Here are a few date ideas to make the most of the season:

Morning dates

Taste test
Rouse your date as the sun rises and head to three different patisseries to buy croissants. Grab a couple of coffees and find a pretty spot in the park to compare and contrast the perfect flaky crescents.

Romantic bonus: Turn it into a blind taste test and take turns feeding each other. You just might come up with some ideas for post-breakfast activities.

City steps
Brush up on local history together by taking a walking tour of your city. This is a great choice if you’re worried you won’t have a lot to talk about. And don’t forget to bring your camera in case there are good photo ops; if this is the beginning of something wonderful, you’ll want some pictures for your Facebook album.

Romantic bonus: The leisurely pace of these tours gives you the perfect opportunity to hold his hand.

Afternoon dates

Feel the rhythm
Try a drop-in Capoeira class. Part dance and part martial arts, this Brazilian form of dance also incorporates instruments and singing into the mix. You’ll find out if he can carry a tune and have the perfect excuse to get just a little bit physical!

Romantic bonus: If you find out he’s pretty good at moving his hips, maybe you can convince him to hit a salsa club with you later that night.

Wet ‘n’ Wild
Put any negative body thoughts aside and suit up for a trip to the water park. It’s a fun, effortless way to spend some casual time with your date. But, a word of caution: No matter how much you love that string bikini, leave it at home; steep water slides aren’t exactly made for them!

Romantic bonus: Classic summer tactic – sunscreen application! Ask him if he can help you cover those hard to reach places.

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Evening dates

Cinema under the stars
Dark, overly air-conditioned theatres with sticky floors aren’t exactly romantic, so why not take it outside? Many cities host outdoor movie screenings during the summer. Just bring your own popcorn, snuggle up under a blanket and watch the flick, or not!

Romantic bonus: Vote for a thriller; all the more reason to cuddle up under the protection of his arms.

Love boat
Watch the city lights sparkle on the water as you enjoy a boat cruise around the harbour. Choose one with a DJ and a big dance floor for a high-energy evening or a dinner cruise for something a little more intimate.

Romantic bonus: The gentle rocking of the boat, the sound of water lapping at the sides… it’s all romantic!

All day dates

Winner takes all
Ever since “The Amazing Race” showed up on our televisions, city-wide scavenger hunts have started popping up across the country. If you’ve ever wondered how compatible you and your mate would be in a high-stress race against the clock, this will answer that question really quickly.

Romantic bonus: If you prove to be a good team, it might be time to make if official.

Spend the day soaking up the atmosphere and listening to the beats at a music festival. There’s always an interesting combination of bands, so you can get up and dance to your favourites and then stretch out on the grass to listen to the lesser-known groups.

The two of you just might come away from the day with your very own song.