People around the world are taking to the streets today for the global climate strike. In Canada, about 250 events are planned to take place from Yellowknife to Halifax. Major brands are also showing support for the movement by encouraging employees to take part and shutting down business for the day.

Here are some of the brands taking part in the strike.


The company is closing all of their Canadian stores and giving employees time off to participate in the demonstrations. Instead, Burton stores across Canada – in Toronto, Montreal, Mont Tremblant and Bromont – are turning into “Action Centres” to support the protest. Supplies like markers, pens and paper will be available for people to make signs and write letters to local representatives.


All 22 MEC stores across Canada are closed until 5 p.m. to support staff who choose to participate in the strike. Staff at their head office, distribution centres and service centres will also have the opportunity to join their local demonstrations. In an open letter, CEO Phil Arrata said, “As Canada’s leading outdoor retail co-op, we are deeply concerned. We have known for a long time that operating our business and selling products has an impact on the planet. While our record of leadership in sustainability and advocacy makes us frontrunners in the outdoor industry, we recognize the need to take an even greater stand.”

Lush Cosmetics 

Lush is closing all their Canadian factories, offices, retail and online shops today. In a statement posted on the website, president and CEO Mark Wolverton said, “As a business with deep roots in environmental activism, giving our thousands of staff the time to get out there and demand bold action is a no brainer. We all share this planet, so we need to band together to sound the alarm and show our politicians that ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option. The climate crisis won’t wait, and neither will we.”

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is allowing employees to join marches across the world. In a statement on social media, the brand states, “Some stores may have a reduced staff presence as we are enabling our employees to strike and show their support. We are not afraid to stand up for what we believe in. Over recent years we have driven several missions to help repair our planet and put it in better stead for future generations. But, we know we must do more to defend our future.”