October 21st is Election Day. As we near closer to this date, it’s important to plan out how you’ll make it the polls, lest the bustle of everyday life prevent you from getting there. In fact, 48% of non-voters in 2015 cited this (along with health concerns) as their reason for not making the imperative trip

This election season, Lyft is stepping in to try and change those stats. 

By using the code VOTE1021CA, voters in Ottawa and throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas will receive 50% off rides to the polls on October 21st. 

Lyft is also partnering with United Way Greater Toronto and Apathy is Boring (an organization dedicated to educating Canadian youth on participating in our democracy) to provide discounted rides to youth (18-34) as well as free rides to those with illnesses and mobility issues. 

Through their efforts, Lyft hopes to alleviate some of the financial and time-sensitive barriers that many Canadians face on voting day. Canadian Lyft users can also opt to receive Election Day reminders through email, in-app notifications and even within Amps inside Lyft vehicles.

Your vote matters. Visit elections.ca to find out where and how to cast your ballot.