I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for party season to start. 2017 has been intense  surely I’m not the only one in need of escapism.

The global political landscape has changed quickly and dramatically. Tragic natural disasters fill the headlines. And don’t even get me started on the non-stop stories of sexism, misogyny and racism that are clogging my news feed. I’m glad that there are so many important (and necessary) conversations happening as a result, but lately the world feels like the closing montage of an end-of-days Hollywood movie. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if I looked up and saw Godzilla riding in on an asteroid.

Our cover star, Tessa Thompson, is feeling it too. In our interview, the outspoken feminist actress — who, quite fittingly, plays the warrior Valkyrie in the new film Thor: Ragnarok — says that as crucial as it is to speak up and be informed about topics such as race and representation in her industry, it can be overwhelming.

I agree. I feel guilty turning off the news when I’ve reached my limit of tough stuff. But I also know that hitting “refresh” every 10 minutes so I can be the Most Informed Human Ever diminishes the happiness I’m able to take in other important things, like getting lost in one of my favourite books or laughing with friends until my waterproof mascara fails.

I hope that this month you can use our magazine as an escapist salve — a little joy booster. We’ve got features on insanely luxe gifts, Parisian spa treatments and jewellery so lavish Alexis Carrington would approve. Speaking of Alexis, Dynasty’s ultimate diva is featured in “Power Play” a story about the impact the ’80s TV show still has on fashion today. The industry often responds to tough times with muted, modest clothing on the runways, but this season it appears that designers are reacting with a blast of fantasy and glam reverie.

While pretty frippery offers moments of welcome distraction, the holiday season also provides us with the perfect opportunity for a more sustaining response to tough times, as we reflect on the people who matter, the stories that give us hope and the things we’re grateful for. On my 2017 thank-you list? The hard-working, talented team at ELLE Canada and all of our inspiring, stylish and outspoken readers. Without you, these moments of hope, beauty and joy would be so much harder to find. Cheers!


Vanessa Craft

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