Starting today until election day (that’s October 21, of course), Instagram is releasing two I Voted stickers that will be available to post on Instagram Stories. Clicking on the sticker will lead to Elections Canada information on when and where Canadians can vote. 

“Civic engagement is integral to a thriving democracy, where every Canadian has a voice and can contribute to building vibrant communities. At Instagram, we want to help our community share that they voted and connect them to timely and accurate information on when and where they can vote on Election Day,” said Jessica Smith, public policy manager at Facebook and Instagram Canada, in a statement.

Instagram partnered with the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U) to host a competition for students at OCAD U and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) to design story stickers that would be used nationwide. 

The winning stickers were designed by Canadian arts students Charlotte Durnford-Dionne and Kassidy Bernard. 

Kassidy Bernard and Charlotte Durnford-Dionne at the Instagram headquarters in San Francisco, California. 

In addition to the stickers, keep an eye out for a We Voted! story at the front of your Stories bar. Using the stickers will get your election day stories featured on the We Voted! highlights, sharing your election day excitement with your followers and the rest of the Insta community. 

Friendly reminder: no voting-booth selfies, please. It’s against the rules.