If you’re asked why you are so angry/upset or whether you are on your period:

CALL THE MENSTRUHATER OUT.  “Nope, PJ, I’m not on my period – but your sales reports look to be bleeding this company dry.” Or, “Oh wait, Sam, I’m confused. Do you mean the time of the month where I conduct your performance review?” (Remember, there is no conclusive evidence to support that women are actually more emotional at work. But there is research to support that women’s emotions are perceived differently from men’s.)

TRY TO STAY CALM, EVEN THOUGH YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO. “How many times have you watched a dude bang his keyboard or slam his phone and earn respect – while if a woman were to do the same, she’d be deemed insane? It’s possible to hack this double standard, though: by emphasizing why you’re upset. ‘If I look angry, it’s because I am angry, and I’m angry because you have jeopardized [insert shared business goal here].’”


The article originally appeared in the April 2017 issue of ELLE Canada.