Haiti was hit by another devastating earthquake on August 14, leaving more than 1,400 people dead and 6000 injured or still missing. The 7.2-magnitude quake—more powerful than the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016—has destroyed many homes, schools, churches, hospitals and several more buildings, leaving many people without shelter and medical supplies.

In the aftermath of the tragic incident and as the search for survivors continues, Canadian humanitarian organizations have set out to offer aid in Haiti and are asking for financial assistance to continue their efforts. Here are the organizations you should consider donating to.


The UNICEF team is working to distribute emergency supplies including clean drinking water, medical aid and food.

CARE Canada

CARE Canada’s on-the-ground presence allows for the distribution of essential relief items including water, medical supplies and tents.

Save the Children Canada

Save the Children Canada is coordinating a humanitarian response to help Haitian children and their families and asking for donations for their Children’s Emergency Funds so they can be prepared in the event of another emergency.

Canadian Red Cross

Donations to the Canadian Red Cross will be used for immediate and ongoing relief efforts, long-term recovery, as well as preparedness for future crises in Haiti.

The Salvation Army Canada

The Salvation Army Canada has launched a Haiti Relief Effort, providing victims of the earthquake with hygiene and sanitation kits, food assistance and medical supplies.

Development and Peace

Development and Peace has partnered with Caritas Haiti to jump into action and send relief trucks and assessment teams to the affected regions. Together they will be supplying food, water, shelter, first-aid kits, clothing and blankets.

ShelterBox Canada

The ShelterBox team is working with Habitat for Humanity Haiti to deliver aid to areas where buildings have been reduced to rubble. Together they will be providing tents and other emergency supplies.


GlobalMedic is a Canadian disaster relief charity that is working to provide victims of the earthquake with clean drinking water and medical supplies.

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