Although we don’t necessarily endorse the idea of New Year’s resolutions at ELLE Canada, we would like to send some positive vibes out into the universe, so the editorial team is sharing their hopes for the year ahead. Happy holidays to all, and may your wishes come true!

“Time. Time to do nothing, time to watch plants grow, time to read, to laugh, to dream, to procrastinate, to play outside, to binge-watch TV, to plan a vacation, to repaint the bathroom, to admire art, to bake cakes. Just time—good time.”

Sophie Banford, Publisher

“I hope that we stop spreading ourselves too thin, that we learn to question things— individually and as a society—and that we appreciate the simple joys in life.”

Joanie Pietracupa, Editor-in-Chief

“I hope to welcome a new year that’s full of things that have never been—out with the old and in with the new. As Prince would say, ‘Party like it’s 1999!’”

Annie Horth, Creative Director

“After experiencing the world via social media for such an intense period of time, I hope we all re-examine our relationships with these digital platforms and the information that’s being spread, how that impacts our mental health and how we perceive ourselves and others.”

Joanna Fox, Associate Editor

“Precious moments with loved ones to make up for the time we lost during the pandemic and a healthy balance between the different areas of our lives so that we can enjoy life at a pace that suits us.”

Théo Dupuis-Carbonneau, Beauty Director

“A new year full of love, gentleness, peace, health, sharing, pleasure, adventure and all the other things that lead to happiness.”

Rosalie Chrétien, Senior Graphic Designer

“To experience the small pleasures and enjoy every moment with those we love.”

Laurence Fontaine, Graphic Designer

“Quite simply: to be daring!”

Claudia Guy, Editorial Coordinator

“To be able to jump in puddles, laugh out loud, look at each other with kindness and savour every moment of our regained freedom.”

Cynthia Quellet, Digital Content Director

“To see a world of equal opportunity for all genders, ages, sizes, cultures and physical capabilities; a country in which we’re no longer blind to the persisting inequalities, sexism and blatant systemic racism; a land where being Black or Indigenous is not a death sentence but, rather, a gift. Finally, I wish to see the privileged stand up and speak up for and with the less fortunate.”

Camille Cardin-Goyer, Digital Content Manager

“More understanding and openness, quality moments with our loved ones, opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and a lot of love and kindness.”

Alex Gonthier, Digital Content Assistant

“A return to what matters most—good mental and physical health—and to be able to continue to follow our passions.”

Estelle Gervais, Fashion and Market Editor

“Happiness, laughter and lightness.”

Marouchka Franjulien, Fashion Features Writer