It’s National Indigenous History month, and it’s time to stop glossing over the water crisis that has swept Indigenous communities for decades. Partnering with Sid Lee and Sephora Canada, beloved beauty brand Cheekbone Beauty is aiming for all of us to become more aware of the realities some Canadians are forced to live with.

Featuring non-sellable lip gloss, this campaign replicates the exact hazardous contaminated water found in these communities. With variations of the chemicals turned into three shades of gloss, it pushes us to ask ourselves if we’d let these chemicals touch our own lips willingly. Indigenous people have dealt with this issue for as long as they can remember. The lead that’s found in their water is known to increase high blood pressure and cause digestive problems. E. Coli causes nausea and a lot of stomach cramps. Lastly, Mercury is known to cause damage to both the nervous and immune systems.

During this month, Sephora Canada has pledged to donate all proceeds from Cheekbone Beauty sales to the Water First organization. It strives to educate more Canadians on the water challenges Indigenous communities face through training and impactful collaboration. They seek out sustainable solutions towards combatting the crisis and hold various programs that address First Nations communities with more ways to avoid the harmful effects of the water they drink.

If you’re ready to shop and support this cause, head over to Sephora’s website and try out Cheekbone Beauty. Treat yourself to a simple lipstick or actual lip gloss and check out the SUSTAIN lip collection available in four and six different shades. Or you may even be in the mood for items non-lip-related, like the Blush and Bronzer Duo or the Lengthening Mascara; the choices are endless!

Again, all sales made this month will be donated to Water First. A clean water initiative that educates Canadians and trains Indigenous communities to better combat themselves against the water crisis. Because everyone should have the right to safe and clean water.