Let’s state the obvious: Bianca Andreescu is a woman on the go. As the highest-ranking Canadian in the history of the Women’s Tennis Association, the 21-year-old athlete has travelled the world clinching tournaments—perhaps most famously at the US Open in New York in 2019, when she defeated Serena Williams. Andreescu had to slow down due to the pandemic and personal injuries, but now, she’s picking up steam. As she gets back into the fast-paced world of competitive tennis, she has partnered with a luxury-car company that matches her lifestyle. “Growing up, I loved Cadillac’s designs—I found them very badass and bougie,” she says over the phone from San Jose, Calif., where she’s currently training. “I’ve been driving one for the past few years, so I was super excited when I found out there would be a Cadillac EV [all-electric vehicle].” That would be the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ, a model that combines sleek design with sustainable features. In other words, it’s fit for a champ. We spoke to Andreescu about making environmentally conscious choices, her dream road trip and how she takes care of her mental and physical health.

On Her Favourite Cadillac Lyriq Features

“The Super Cruise [means I can drive] hands-free on the highway, so I can drink my water without having to worry. The road-noise-cancelling feature is beneficial as well because after practice I’m tired and want to be in my thoughts. Sometimes I even meditate when I drive—obviously I don’t close my eyes, but it’s nice to have that quiet space after a long day at work.”

On Everyday Eco-Friendly Choices

“I turn off the lights whenever I leave a room, and I try not to use a lot of plastic bottles— I drink a lot of water, so I make sure I have my own and refill it. I try to save water as well. I don’t take a lot of baths, and my showers are very short.”

On Her Dream Road Trip

“Believe it or not, I haven’t been on many road trips. I definitely want to do a U.S. one and visit a bunch of states. That would be super cool.”

Norman Wong

On Her Favourite Car Companion, Coco The Dog

“She sits in the passenger seat like a little human. It’s actually pretty crazy [how] patient she is. She’ll stay in one spot for however long the car ride is. Sometimes she’ll get excited and want to hop onto my lap, but I don’t let that happen because it’s dangerous. She’s the cutest little thing.”

On The Importance of Playing for A Crowd

“When I was 17, I played tournaments in Kansas City and nobody came. It was hard because I thrive on the crowd. Their energy revives me in certain moments. If I have a good shot, I want to hear the crowd cheer me on. It gives me motivation because I don’t only play this sport for myself—I want to inspire others.”

On her Current Streaming Favourites

“At the moment, I’m watching The OA and BoJack Horseman. For music, I like to listen to hip hop. The [song] that is on my playlist and that I listen to most often is ’’Till I Collapse’ by Eminem. It’s super inspirational and motivating. For podcasts, I really like to listen to this program called Mindvalley. The host, Vishen Lakhiani, brings on a lot of high-performance trainers and business leaders to talk about their fields.”

On Taking Care of Her Physical and Mental Health

“The past couple of years were pretty tough for me because of injuries, [and then with] the pandemic, I still wasn’t able to play a lot of tournaments this year. I also got COVID. There were a lot of things that really brought me down, but I try to get out of that mindset with meditation. It helps me stay calm and in the present moment; otherwise I tend to think too much ahead and I can be very impatient. Also, being grateful for the things I have is very important during tough times. I do a gratitude exercise in the morning before I start my day and again before I go to bed. Sometimes it’s hard to do it, but you gotta be comfortable being uncomfortable—that ’s probably one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned.”

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