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TheΒ Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been devastating, globally. Of that, we can all agree. With the casualties rising, worrying press conferences, small businesses shuttering for the foreseeable and an over-extended health service, there’s not been a lot of positive news to come out of the health crisis, naturally.

But making light of the situation is the first port of call defense mechanism, to soothe collective anxiety. So whether that’s quasi-philosophical Coronavirus quotes or full-on Coronavirus jokes, here is a sample of what’s out there, to give you a little light relief.

Some have used their time to try and write pithy, impactful statements, to offer some words of encouragement, while others are just here for the LOLs, withΒ Coronavirus memesΒ or parodies.

Serious or Moving Coronavirus Quotes

Others are here to offer you some words of motivation in this tough time, whether quoting their favourite author or coming up with a bespoke phrase to suit the coronavirus situation.

Christina Aguilera likened quarantine to her 1999 hit ‘Genie in a bottle’ and we are totally here for it. Posting a clip from the original video, the pop superstar captioned the Instagram with some of the song’s most fitting lyrics:

“I feel like I’ve been locked up tight for a century of lonely nights…waiting for someone to release me” #SoundOn. What day is it?! Haha. Thanks for making me laugh during this crazy time. Love you guys. Please stay home if you can and stay safe. ❀️”

Jokes About Louis C.K.’s Coronavirus Stand-Up Special

In a rather more NSFW moment, controversial American comedianΒ Louis C.K. announced a new stand-up specialΒ ‘for those who need to laugh’ during these testing times. The announcement was met with a mixed response, considering the comedian’s recent media trial, on counts of alleged sexual misconduct.

In 2017, the C.K. was accused of misconduct – which included allegations of him masturbating in front of people without their consent – by five different women. At first, he either refused to comment on, or denied the allegations, but the day after the New York Times released their exposΓ©, Louis C.K.Β put out a statement admitting to many of the accusations levelled against him.

After the news that C.K. was planning a one-off comedy ‘special’ during lockdown, other comedians and writers took to Twitter to poke fun at the situation, imagining what jokes C.K. might be planning to use in his coronavirus-show.

Some are definitely too NSFW to share (click here if you want to read the whole thread), but here are a few: