These three inspiring Canadian entrepreneurs know productivity like the back of their hand. Here, they share one habit they think we should all kick ASAP.

Noura Sakkijha, co-founder and CEO, Mejuri

“I stopped being attached to my phone and work emails by dedicating specific blocks of time to my well-being. I became more energized, refreshed and present with my family and friends.”

Jodi Kovitz, founder and CEO, #movethedial

“For many years, I believed that for something to be great, it needed to be perfect, but my mindset has shifted dramatically. I now know that striving for perfection can be both crippling and counterproductive. Today my focus is on the success of completing tasks to the best of my ability. Being done is far better than being perfect.”

Bunny Ghatrora, co-founder, Blume

“I recently deactivated my personal Instagram account, which has resulted in me spending less time on my phone (obviously), but I am surprised at what a huge difference it has made. I’m less distracted throughout the day, I’m more productive and I feel more present. While I love Instagram and still use it for work, it feels good to take a break and unplug.”

A version of this article appeared in the September 2019 issue of ELLE Canada. Subscribe now.