These 15 LGBTQIA2S+ content creators share their life stories and experiences as members of the community while advocating for equality in representation. By following these accounts, you’ll fill your feed with different stories and viewpoints, a range of humour and talent, and most importantly—a fresh perspective. Just hit follow.

Yasmin Finney (@yazdemand)


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As one of the most authentic LGBTQIA2S+ influencers out there, Yasmin’s TikTok is a no-filter look into the everyday life of a Black transgender woman. Yasmin addresses the issues that the trans community faces while noting that the social media outlet allows her to become the role model she never had while growing up.

Mina Gerges (@itsminagerges)

Toronto-based makeup influencer Mina Gerges is best known for his self-love and LGBTQIA2S+ rights posts. On his account, Gerges explains that he is redefining traditional male beauty standards through bold self-expression, gender fluidity, and body positivity. We so here for it!

Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn)

Yoga instructor, author and body-positive activist, Jessamyn Stanley uses her Instagram to document her home yoga practices, teach online classes and empower her followers daily. As a proud Black, queer femme, Stanley is changing the world of yoga and creating a safe space for her followers, whether on the yoga mat or in their everyday lives.

Rob Anderson (@heartthrobert)


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Rob Anderson is a criminally funny LGBTQIA2S+ TikTok creator whose series “Gay Science” has received a ton of praise. The series discusses topics such as “Why do gay men talk like that,” “Why do gay men colour their hair in a crisis,” and “Why do gay men like iced coffee” in a hilarious pseudoscientific manner.

Star McQueen (@starr_mcqueen_)


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Star McQueen the beauty queen. With over 530,000 followers, McQueen is a transgender woman best known for her makeup, fashion, and lifestyle videos. Her most popular content includes a head-to-toe date night glam, as well as a video documenting her journey.

Chella Man (@chellaman)

Chella Man is an actor, artist, writer and speaker identifying as Deaf, transmasculine and queergender. He is know for sharing his personal experience online all while advocating for better representation in the film industry for both disabled and transgender actors.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard (@jessicaoutofthecloset)


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Not only will Jessica Kellgren-Fozard fill your feed with informative videos regarding timely LGBTQAI2S+ topics, but she’s also on a mission to educate her viewers about the difficulties of living with a disability and chronic illness. Plus, she does it all in a gorgeous ‘60s-inspired vintage ensemble.

Matt Benfield (@mr.benfield)

Matt Benfield is an influential force on social media who is best known for challenging conventional gender norms. Through his account, Benfield shares stories of growing up queer in a religious environment, toxic masculinity, and gender expectations.



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Marathon runner, science teacher and personal trainer Claire uses TikTok to document her experiences as a member of the LGBTQAI2S+ community while shining a light on the harmful stereotypes that the community still often faces. Even while discussing some pretty serious topics, Claire’s account is packed full of high energy and positivity.

Jake Graf (@jake_graf5)

Jake Graf is a transgender actor, writer, and director, as well as a transgender rights activist. Graf is best known for his short films which document the daily lived experiences of a trans man, created in hopes to normalize the queer experience and create more representation within the film industry.

Matt Bernstein (@mattxiv)

Matt Bernstein is a queer creator who posts educational content about sexuality, religion, race and gender in the most beautiful way possible. Bernstein creates makeup looks dedicated to spreading awareness about topics such as bisexual visibility, accepting your child regardless of how they identify, and gender fluidity.

Tatiana Ringsby (@tringsby)


finally came out to my parents and you guys!! 🌈💗💜💙 #comingout #bisexual #lgbt #lgbtq

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Hawaii-based model Tatiana Ringsby is adored for her travel vlogs and lifestyle content. Her coming-out video went viral on TikTok as she documented the moment in which she offered her parents a cake with the words “Surprise I’m bi” spelled out in icing.

Justin Livingston (@justinliv)

We might have come for the fashion inspo, but we hit follow for the self-love and feel-good posts. Justin Livingston is a New York City-based fashion blogger whose daily outfit posts are accompanied by inspirational captions about his self-love journey, LGBTQIA2S+ rights and BLM activism. Nothing but good vibes here! 



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With about 780,000 followers, Stella uses her platform to discuss the ebb and flow of being a transgender teenager. Her videos discuss topics such as the difficulties of being misgendered in high school, not getting her period as her friends do, and shopping for back-to-school clothes as a trans woman.

Damian Alexander (@damianimated)

Damian Alexander’s Instagram page is packed with inspiring illustrations dedicated to LGBTQIA2S+ youth who have just started to figure themselves out. Alexander has also created illustrations for The Trevor Project, a national organization providing the LGBTQIA2S+ youth with crisis intervention training and suicide prevention services.


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