Indigenous-led organizations and charities are integral to the well-being of Indigenous people and institutions in Canada. Here are 11 Indigenous groups to consider donating to, ranging from charities that support women and youth to environmental-focused organizations.

Native Women’s Association of Canada

This national group is an aggregate of Indigenous women’s organizations across Canada, advocating for Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse people. 


A registered charity that invests in education for Indigenous people. 

Legacy of Hope Foundation

This Indigenous-led organization aims to educate and raise awareness about the history of and long-lasting generational impacts of the Residential School System and other forms of cultural oppression against Indigenous peoples.

Indigenous Youth Roots

A youth-led charity that empowers young people to stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and reconciliation by facilitating conversations and strengthening relationships.

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

This Ottawa-based non-profit represents over 60,000 Inuit, working to advance their rights and interests and improve health and wellbeing across the four Inuit regions in Canada. 

Reconciliation Canada

Reconciliation Canada aims to engage Canadians in conversations about reconciliation and improve relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people through awareness, outreach programs and workshops. 

Native Canadian Centre of Toronto

This membership-based charitable organization offers programs and services based on Indigenous cultural traditions and teachings to foster an inclusive environment.

The Art For Aid Project

A Métis-owned organization that supports Indigenous art education programs, providing access to supplies and working to connect young people to art and a greater knowledge of their culture.

True North Aid

Supports northern Indigenous communities through humanitarian assistance, with a focus on accessible food, housing, water and education.

Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund

Aims to improve the lives on Indigenous people by building awareness, education and connections between all Canadians.

First Nations Child & Family Caring Society

Works to ensure the safety and well-being of First Nations youth and their families through education initiatives, public policy campaigns and providing quality resources to support communities.

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