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until the ribbon

Pete Lawrie Winfield, aka Until the Ribbon Breaks

To help set the mood (pun totally intended) for
our exciting new shoppable videos, we enlisted the help of some of music’s buzziest up-and-comers. Once you’ve heard their tracks, we figured you’d want to know more about them, and since we aim to please, we’ll be introducing you to these musical minds over the next few days. First up is "Until the Ribbon Breaks", the stage name for futuristic rapper Pete Lawrie Winfield, who provided the tune for the "happy" video. We grabbed the UK-based artist for a quick Q and A about his inspiration, his favourite things, and of course, the track we feature, "A Taste of Silver".
How would you describe your music? I started Until The Ribbon Breaks because I wanted to put all the music that I love and grew up with into a blender and see what came out. I hope in a sense that it is difficult to describe. It has been called future R&B. It has also been called apocalyptic pop! I just hope it has soul and something in it that touches people.

What’s inspiring you right now? I have been listening to a lot of film scores and getting back into photography and film. I think the eye is as important as the ear when making music. At least for me anyway.
What’s the best mood for someone to be in when they’re listening to your music? My favourite time to listen, is whilst staring through a train window. Music was always more of a personal experience for me. I hope that our music soundtracks peoples travels, whether walking a dog, or flying across the world. I like the idea of it in people’s headphones while they have a mission.
What puts you in a good mood? A combination of good food, wine and the people I love.
Describe your perfect day… Wake up to the sun, walk the dog, poach an egg, listen to a film review, laugh, make something, film, music, take a picture, laugh, swim in the sea, laugh, love, wine, steak, laugh, watch a film, dream.
What do you love about making music? A blank canvas. Watching nothing become something.
What song do you put on when you want to feel energised? OutKast – Spottieottiedopalicious
What makes a good love song? Unrequited yearning, bordering on heartbreak, with a little nostalgia for good measure.
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