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erik hassle shopyourmoodErik Hassle, the musician behind "Pathetic".

Last week, we introduced you to
"Until the Ribbon Breaks", the UK artist whose song backs the "happy" video in our exciting
new #shopyourmood project. Next up, we’ve got Erik Hassle, whose track
"Pathetic" sets the tone in the shoppable video with a "romantic" vibe Hassle is currently LA-based but originally from Sweden, and has made his mark with a distinctive brand of soulful RnB. We woke him up early to chat about music, heartbreak, and the song that caught our attention.

What’s really inspiring you at the moment? I think playing live has been the most inspiring thing lately. LA is a big inspiration for me. I moved there last year. It’s really revitalizing for me.
Would you say that "Pathetic" is a romantic song? It’s depressing though too in a way. It’s romantic but it’s an encore to a romance… it’s so long after everything is gone and you’re by yourself.
Would you call it a love song? Yeah. Absolutely. But for me it’s about the moment and the time when you’ve broken up and then you stop functioning in social scenarios so you’re better off under your blanket.
Was there a back-story to this song? When did you write it and what was your inspiration behind it? I think that was the inspiration for the song, that specific thing. When you don’t really have a good spirit or energy for a while. You think you look normal when you’re talking but you’re not, and then people tell you that you look bitter. And you’re like ‘Fuck you!’ and then you go home. That was the inspiration, but I did it with two great writers – SOHN and Nick Ruth. It was a pretty special writing process because we wrote it using an acoustic guitar, which I never do these days, but SOHN picked up the acoustic guitar and we were done in maybe half an hour.
What puts you in a good mood? Coffee. [Laughs] Right now, coffee. Love. Music.
Do you have a go-to song or playlist when you want to feel energized? I usually start an album that works like that… right now I’m listening to an album by a guy named Jai Paul… his music makes me feel good.
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