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eliphant shopyourmood You’ve made the acquaintance of
Until the Ribbon Breaks and
Erik Hassle thus far, and now it’s time to meet another of the amazing artists who are the soundtrack to our shoppable videos. Elliphant is actually the second Swede on the roster, and is responsible for the songs on two #shopyourmood films:
"Look Like You Love It" for the rebellious mood, and
"Revolusion" for the powerful-vibed vid. We chatted with Elliphant (real name: Ellinor Olovsdotter) about making music, her favourite cause, and her idea of a good time.

What’s inspiring you right now? I’m very inspired by good time, I’ve always been very inspired by a good time. The moment that everybody just lets go. Like right now all of the songs are just about how life is free and summer’s here and we can go tribal together, and we can just forget the lifestyle we have and just, you know? But also I write a lot about grey, I think about that a lot in different perspectives. So grey animals, grey hair and grey skies. Just think about it a lot.
That’s interesting because grey is probably not usually thought of as the most inspiring colour… That’s the thing. The whole point is that the grey is the space for in between. It’s the space where you haven’t decided yet, you know? Like most creativity comes out of a grey space in your head, and I just think about that a lot. I also like the whole idea of thinking about the grey animals, the goats, and the elephants and rhinos and sharks, which is also a big problem in the world you know? They’re dying.
Why do you make music? The magic of music is that you go into the studio and you meet someone and there is nothing and you create something and it’s going to be there forever and you share it with other people, which gives it much more power.
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