Shailene Woodley does not like Photoshop

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shailene woodley dissects DIVERGENT posterThe very poster Shailene’s talking about (Image courtesy of eOne films)

Shailene Woodley is looking at the movie-poster for
Divergent, which opens today. “Those aren’t mine,” she says, pointing at the billboard version of her chest. “And that’s definitely not mine,” she continues, smacking the rear on the almost-life size poster sitting next to her.
“That hair was mine, but it’s a little bit more blown out than it was when we actually took that photo,” she continues. “My torso there is shorter, and my legs are a little bit longer…”
I had the chance to chat with the outspoken 22 year-old when she was in Toronto promoting the dystopian sci-fi thriller, and we got to talking about body image and insecurity. “We’re taught that we’re not enough, based on posters like this,” she said. Her honesty about the airbrushing on the poster is refreshing, but I wondered how she reconciles her message of empowerment, while making her living in the industry that perpetuates the messaging she’s so outspoken about. “You’ve got to turn the wheel slowly,” she explained, using the metaphor of a car spinning out because of a too sharp turn. “Even though my body looks weird, I’m not representing Shailene here, I’m representing a character.”
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