What to see this weekend: Age of Adaline

Apr 24 2015 by
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AgeD20-006.dngAdaline, not aging. (Diyah Pera)

If you, like us, are reeling from all the sadness that went down on Grey’s last night, you’ll be in need of something a little warm, a little magical, and just generally life-affirming for your weekend’s entertainment. Lucky for you, Blake Lively’s got a brand new film out, and it ticks every one of those boxes, with bonus incredible vintage ensembles on B.Liv.

The basic premise is this: a woman gets hit by lightening, mysteriously stops aging, and has to keep re-inventing herself every ten years so people don’t get weirded out by her vampire-like inability to wrinkle. In between Blake rocking a fingerwave in the 20’s and Beatnikking it up in 1960’s San Francisco, there’s a love story involving Michiel Huisman (Game of Thrones, Nashville) and sort-of Harrison Ford (I’d explain how that’s not as creepy as it sounds but it’s kind of the crux of the movie, so…just go see it?).

It’s romantic, just suspenseful enough, and heartbreaking in a good-cry sort of way…and has a weirdly comforting voice-over that reminded us of Disney movies in the 90’s.

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