Scarlett Johansson’s unexpected next move

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87th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsNew baby, new hair, new gig. (Getty)

In what is basically the opposite of "moving to the suburbs, buying a minivan", new mom
Scarlett Johansson has announced her first post-baby project…and it’s almost as amazing as the new shaved ‘do she rocked at the Oscars on Sunday.
The 30 year-old actress announced that she’s put her movie career on the back burner for the moment to focus on her music, specifically a girl band modelled after The Bangles. And when you thought that couldn’t get any better, turns out one of her fellow band members is Este, the oldest sister from relentlessly cool band HAIM.
Johansson, who does have a musical past (see her cover album of Tom Waits songs circa 2008) describes the band’s music as "ironic, ultrapop". The Singles (as the band is called) has already dropped its first, well, single, titled "Candy". We look forward to hearing your verdict…
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