Royal tour wrap up: What George wore, who hugged Wills(!)

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The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Australia And New Zealand - Day 19Prince George: what if he tries to hug me too?! (Image courtesy of Getty)

If pulling Prince Charles into a big old bear hug is on your bucket list, your friendly neighbourhood Royal etiquette expert would like to remind you: one does not, ever, on pain of beheading, touch a member of the monarchy – the exception being a handshake, but only if they first extend a regal limb toward you.

This is a lesson that the Australian Prime Minister would well have heeded before he – hold onto your smelling salts – tried to BRO-HUG Prince William.

The hapless PM, Tony Abbott, committed the faux-pas shortly before the Cambridge’s left the country, which is presumably the only reason he lived to tell the tale.

Young George was still visibly shaken by the incident later (see above), which didn’t stop him from looking dapper in what I would call his best outfit yet (after the sailboat romper). The chubby prince wore a red cardigan, striped shorts, and a hair-style that looks more and more like his father’s everyday.


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