Royal baby update: And the name (might) be…

Sep 22 2014 by
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The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits The National Portrait GalleryKate Middleton, the last time we spent 9 months endlessly speculating. (Image courtesy of Getty)

So, we have no idea of the gender of
the second baby Cambridge, but apparently the internet does, and it’s saying right now that it’s a girl. And it apparently already knows what the little lass’ name will be…
There’s a pretty persistent rumour that George is getting a little sister, and that her name is going to be (quelle surprise) Elizabeth. This same rumour contends that the name Margaret (the Queen’s beloved younger sister) was a strong favourite as well, but
Will and Kate have gone for the safer bet. Do with this information what you will, royal watchers. (Ie: Have no expectation whatsoever that this will be right in the end. and they’re equally likely to have triplets named Hope, Joy, and Peace).
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