Royal baby update: Kate Middleton forced to cancel upcoming tour

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Regardless of whether it’s happening within the gilded walls of Kensington Palace, being constantly nauseous is horrendous (although probably having footmen bringing you ginger ale on a silver platter helps a little?), and that’s life for
Kate Middleton at the moment. In fact, the
Duchess of Cambridge was just forced to bow out of a big deal royal commitment so severe is her morning sickness with royal baby #2.
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Kate, suffering again from the same condition (Hyperemesis Gravidarum, for the Latin-inclined) that hospitalized her when pregnant with
Prince George, will not be going through with her trip to Malta this weekend. The trip to the tiny European island was actually a big deal for K-Cambridge, since it marked her first solo international royal excursion/our first chance to do some bump-analysis. Luckily,
Prince William has stepped in, and will be going on the trip. Kate, meanwhile, will be lying very still, and asking George to please, please stop talking about boats. Or roller coasters. Or moving in general.
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