Royal Baby countdown: 5 things to know before Cambridge #2 is born

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Prince George Of Cambridge First BirthdayFact #6: This butterfly is NOT Royal Baby 2.

Depending on your preferred source (some say, April 21st for the Queen’s birthday, or maybe April 29 for Will and Kate’s anniversary) the second royal baby’s ETA is imminent. Here are five fun facts to impress all your friends with about the lead-up to this momentous occasion:

1. This baby will cost more than George Kate will once again be having her baby at St Mary’s Hospital in London, but the price for a one night stay in a two room delivery suite in the Lindo Wing has increased since her first visit. Round #2 is set to cost (at least!) 12,000 GBP (roughly $25,000)…and that’s with a 10 percent "returning mother" discount.
2. On the plus side, it should also be quicker 10 hours and 30 minutes: That’s how long Kate was in labour at the hospital after her admission with George. Since second children tend to arrive more quickly than first, expect that number to be shorter this time. (Hallelujah, said all the press who aren’t allowed into the media pens outside the hospital until after Kate has arrived).
3. Kate may have to give birth alone His new job has Wills stationed at various places around England, all approximately a two hour drive from where Kate is in London. We assume that’s not Plan A, but should there be some sort of nasty traffic situation, Kate may be calling in Harry (or Pippa) as back-up breathing coach. On the plus side, he gets two weeks paternity leave?
4. No Bucklebury for this baby After George was born, Will and Kate headed back to her family home in a tiny Buckinghamshire village. This time round, they’ll hang out in London for a few days and then seek the peace and quiet of their new country home in Norfolk.
5. If it’s a girl In the very likely event this is a female child, she’ll be the first "princess of Cambridge" in 182 years.
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