Research: Open Plan Offices Make You Sick!

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When you’re on day 15 of the worst head cold EVER, you need someone to blame, and you’re pretty certain you caught this mutant virus from that guy who sneezed on you in the subway three weeks ago. But the real culprit might be lurking right next to you…just down the long table your office installed when they got rid of cubicles.
A recent study,
published in the journal Ergonomics, has found that people who work in open plan environments take more sick days than their less free-form-office dwelling counterparts (aka people who have their own offices). And it’s not just because of the obvious ‘there’s no walls to block the germs’ thing, but also because of the increased ‘stresses’ of an open-plan environment possibly wearing you down subconsciously – the constant ringing phones, overheard conversations, and that guy across the room who won’t stop clicking his pen.
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